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Bulbkins World


bulbkin rhymes and limericks


Bulbkins sprang up from far and wide- wherever's a garden- then sneaking inside.  They love hanging outside and inside on shelves, reminding us of our better selves. Whether dangling alongside or out in the light- they keep us good company, by day or night.

There once was a bulbkin named giggles-

Whose legs were all curling and squiggles,

They dangled on edges, and on sides of a ledges,

and they walked with cute little wiggles.

getting to know your bulbkin


Bulbkins are magical fantasy beings and come from a magical fantasy world that exists somewhere between our human/earthly world and a place similar that we  dream of, but it’s really there. We can see them, but only as they want to be seen.  One day you may be able to meet their friends - bulbkin buddies - strange fantastical bugs and animals. They love to sing our praises, so giving a good home to a bulbkin is a great start! 


There are different bulbkin clans - hairy, royal, international, more . . . they are very clever, and are able to take on the dress and look of many historical time periods.  Which is not surprising, since they have been around for centuries.  


Odd Bulbkins are a different matter entirely: they are special - and have different ears and noses.  I can't tell you why.


Only a certain number of each clan  are available to live with- and are numbered on the base.  This makes sense because flower bulbs divide to make new ones (propogation) and so do  bulbkins. They multiply from one bulb head to create many- but only up to a certain number (limited editions).


What makes a bulbkin?  Bulbkins have whimsical faces on flowering bulb heads. Some are already flowering, some are not.  Some thrive best indoors, others prefer the garden.  All prefer a loving home.


Indoor bulbkins bring sunshine and a touch of whimsey to your home.  Garden bulbkins are more like ancient ones – statues erected to watch over the garden . . . both kinds bring a spiritual presence and a symbol of the idea/presence of the bulbkin kind.


All bulbkins are there to  help us “tend our gardens” all year around and call attention to the beauty that is nature.  Creating a garden is a year round process and the results are  beautiful flowers- but this happens only after trial error and many other factors.  


Bulbkins always helps us keep our spirits high and our hearts strong.   They also bring messages of sharing and caring to all- bulbkin and human- kind alike.

more fun bulbkin facts


The tunic is the outer shell on some (true) bulbs- the tunic on a bulbkin is made from recycled fabric, like saris or scraps from the remnants of human costumes.


Bulbs multiple in the garden in a process known as propagation.  So do bulbkins… that is why there are so m many similar bulbkins.


Bulbs plant themselves.  Many have contractile roots, as they grow, the roots pull them downwarcs to the appropriate depths.  Bulbkins uproot themselves to enable them to walk on land and even find a new home. One of them could be yours!


When they are put in crowded conditions. bulbs will grow, even if you don't give them enough shoulder room -  but in a few years, the flowers and the blooms will progressively get smaller. This explains why some Bulbkins come in different sizes: little, midling and big, for example.

bulbkin sightings

Outside: under a canopy of leaves, under a bush by a tree, in a tree, where there are piles of wood or twigs.


Inside: just hanging out on a kitchen island, on your mantle, or perched on a shelf.  I've seen them on tables and desks, in all sorts of rooms - home offices to living rooms, all across the world.

Once a bulbkin was caught under the bed covers.

They like to get into your closet and try on your jewelry.


daily rituals and personality traits


bulbkins love to sing.  Their voices are an interesting mix of the wind, bird song, and garden woodland creatures.  They harmonize very well.The challenge for those who welcome Bulbkins into their homes is getting to that place where we are able to hear their song.  

Each bulbkin has its own distinct identity- much like a birds wings have plummage. a bulbkin has a petalled flowering headdress, or "crown. " And the  crown may represent certain qualities.  Like an owl represents wisdom, a hummingbird sweetness, eagles’ strength and power... there is deep meaning and symbolism with every type of bulbkin.

Bulbkins have an important purpose on this earth. They walk alongside us as teachers, messengers and as givers of light and love. They help us to understand the world that we live in and they teach us so much about what was here before us and what will be here after us.  They also are cute and amusing.  Just by being themselves.

What do buklbins do during the day?  They watch over the trees, flowers, herbs, and small creatures, they write poetry and sing songs.  They think of ways to enchant humans.  They meditate on the sun the moon and the wind and they help everything grow and change- in all the seasons of their time and through all types of weather. They dream of ways to become part of our life, and getting us to love them.

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