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Briar Woodsprig is a whimsical fellow who will touch your heart, and even provide entertainment if you let him . . . because he is a patchwork tunic puppet that is pose-able, and can be taken down from the stand; his hands and feet are designed to move! Each patchwork puppet is handmade for you, dressed in a tunic that is made from vintage silk sari cloth with a flower crown that you can customize!  Brian Woodsprig is about 12" high, including his stained wood base (1" high x 2" x 4" approx) and our model is wearing a "sprig" (which is his favorite crown) - but this puppoet looks sweet no matter what color you choose! Please choose a crown color for your puppet, or we can choose for you.

Briar Woodsprig - Little Rainbow Patchwork Tunic Puppet

SKU: 40200
  • Your hand-made tunic puppet will be shipped 2-10 days after we receive your payment

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