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There is nothing more delightful than a mint green bottle stopper named Briar Woodsprig!  Perched above your wine bottle, or any standard-sized bottle, this is a "show stopper" of a stopper!  Terrific for you,  or for gifting to someone special, Briar Woodsprig will bring joy and a smile wherever he is doing his job.  He's made of colored cast resin, about 3"- 4" high, and 2"-3" in diameter, and see the photos for your choice of stopper (copper or silver colored metal).   Plus, he arrives with your choice of color for the faux flower on his crown - or we can choose a color for you!

Briar Woodsprig - Mint Green Bottle Stopper

SKU: 50203
  • Your hand-made bottle stopper will be shipped 2-10 days after we receive your order

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