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Whimsical, expressive and always ready to laugh at himself, Giggleseed is true to his inner self!  He's one happy fellow, sure to delight!  This big patchwork puppet is beautifully hand-made, each one slightly different, but always dressed in a vintage silk sari fabric, standing about 18" high, including his stained wood base (1" high x 4" x 6" approx)   Every tunic puppet is pose-able, and can be taken down from the stand; their hands and feet are designed to move!  Our model is wearing a multicolor flower crown in shades of pink, with coordinated staff.  Please choose your color for the flower crown, or we can choose for you!

Giggleseed - Big Rainbow Patchwork Tunic Puppet

SKU: 30900
  • Your patchwork tunic puppet will be shipped 2-10 business days after we receive your order

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