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Why have only ONE bulbkin shelf sitter when you can have THREE?  Display them as "kin" or give each one their own space - you have so many options here!  The set includes all three shelf sitter personalities: Thistle Bee, Brian Woodsprig, and Fanny Bright.  Each shelf sitter is the same size,  approx. 4" high, and depending on how they are sitting, 6"-8" wide.  Every shelf sitter is made by hand, with a hand-cast head, adjustable polymer clay limbs, and faux flower crown -  2"-4" high.  You may choose up to three different colors for their crowns, or we will choose for you.  The set you see here has crowns in hues of yellow, orange and pink.

Set of Three Rainbow Shelf Sitters

SKU: 20004
  • These hand-made bulbkin shelf sitters will be shipped 2-10 days after you place your order

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