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Once upon a time...

a long time ago, in a garden, near a valley, up a hill, past a stream, from the deep cool damp earth, sprang forth - the bulbkins! Prior to that strange occurrence, this small bit of green looked like any other - with the first sign of growth being shoots, then stems pushing out from soil. From those small tip-tops grew beautiful grasses, berries, and flowers of all colors and shapes . . . yes, this is exactly what happened.  It was a fantastic and colorful  garden indeed, but then what happened next was most magical! Just below the surface, curling fiddle fronds poked out and grabbed onto the land, hoisting themselves topside - and what's more -  attached to the tendrils were bulbous heads!  Each head had a curious and whimsical face and each face was its own being.  Henceforth, a new species was born, to grow and then walk the planet, and to join us humans side by side (although they are much shorter) in our quest to find peace in troubled times. 


Where does the artist fit into the story?  All through the summer of 2020 they came to visit Erica Frank in her art studio.  Dozens made their way inside, hanging on shelves, sitting on her kitchen table, whispering tales and singing songs of bulbkin lore.  And, the more they flaunted their colorful crowns and lit up her life with their bright energy, the more Erica was determined to capture their likeness in all the kinds of materials she had on hand.   


If you love flowers, whimsy, art, nature, and legends - bring a bulbkin into your home and heart. Ask yourself if you are ready for some happy magic, or better yet, ask a bulbkin yourself (they have fantastic stories to tell).  Your life will never be the same, it will be better - because life is always better when you use your imagination to talk to a bulbkin :)   


*Erica Frank is a professional director, costume designer, and puppeteer - specialty sculptor.  She has worked in the Film, Theatre, and Themed Entertainment Industries, and taught as a full-time university professor. Of all the jobs she has held, her most important title has been "Storyteller". To see more of her work go to:

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